Just over two weeks until Valentine’s Day, and if you were wondering what to get your camera-loving significant other for the occasion, then here’s an analog trifecta treat from the folks at Lomography. Three new limited edition cameras, each given a faux animal skin treatment. From left to right: the Fisheye No. 2  Python, the Diana Mini Leopard, and the Diana F+ Zebra.

Animal Appeal

There’s a slight premium tacked on of course. But, then again, you are paying for something quite out of the ordinary. The press release says these are limited to only 2,000 units, but isn’t clear whether that’s 2,000 for each model or all three. In any case, these will still make quite the impression on whomever you’ll gift these to.

What’s your favorite?

Personally, I like the Fisheye 2, with the green adding an almost amphibian quality to the otherwise reptilian case. Plus, it’s the only one among the three I can pull off carrying around.