Barrel Meet Tire
 Originally uploaded by vasypher

Alex Vazquez is a freelance photographer who lives in LA. He shoots with a Nikon D300, a Holga, a Mamiya and a Seagull. His black and whites are amazing and this photo of a barrel and a tire somewhere out in the desert is one of my favorite Holga shots ever. He’s also apparently an avowed strobist, creatively wielding his flash to produce distinct results.

Alex says he first creates concepts in his head, then goes out and shoots them. A simple philosophy that works.

Check out his flickr gallery here. It’s a bit sparse, but well worth a look. (The gunslinger shots may have been shot on digital, but they’re really nice work) We hope to see more of his work online.

If you want to book his services, just drop him a message on flickr.