I’m a big fan of street art and graffiti so long as it’s well executed, not some haphazard squiggles bukkake’d out of a spray can just for the sake of tagging something. Whenever I have the opportunity I go out and take photos of these urban art pieces. Last year I managed to take a photo of a Banksy in San Francisco and also a Yoshitomo Nara in a pub wall in New York.

A few days ago I was driving around BF Homes, a suburban enclave in Paranaque City, and I came across this nicely painted wall. The colors just pop out and the stylized cat (I’m assuming it is a cat) was pretty cool. It looks like a commissioned job, though, not a guerrilla piece. Still, props to the group that painted it.

These were taken with a Rollei 35S with Super 200 film. FINALLY, sample shots from the Rollei!

PS: If anyone knows who did this, let me know or point ’em to this entry.