My toddler is the son of an artist and the great-grandson of a National Artist. Not yet three and he already likes playing with paints, chalk, crayons and markers on our bathroom walls, paper scraps and his easel.


Our toddler peruses part of the Sorry for the Inconvenience exhibit at The Collective.

This is not one of his works.


I’m a big fan of street art and graffiti so long as it’s well executed, not some haphazard squiggles bukkake’d out of a spray can just for the sake of tagging something. Whenever I have the opportunity I go out and take photos of these urban art pieces. Last year I managed to take a photo of a Banksy in San Francisco and also a Yoshitomo Nara in a pub wall in New York.

A few days ago I was driving around BF Homes, a suburban enclave in Paranaque City, and I came across this nicely painted wall. The colors just pop out and the stylized cat (I’m assuming it is a cat) was pretty cool. It looks like a commissioned job, though, not a guerrilla piece. Still, props to the group that painted it.

These were taken with a Rollei 35S with Super 200 film. FINALLY, sample shots from the Rollei!

PS: If anyone knows who did this, let me know or point ’em to this entry.