Just a quick post from the boondocks.

Day One of the 5th Epson Fusion media adventure brings us to Tumalog Falls in Oslob. Cebu, without a doubt the most awe-inspiring cascade I’ve seen in the Philippines.




Videos on my Instagram.

Tomorrow, we go canyoning down the Matutinao River. Updates soon.


I recently came home from Davao, where I attended FUSION III: The Epson-Media Adventure 2012, an annual Epson-sponsored event that lets the tech press get to know the folks who run Epson Philippines, see its new products and find out about the company’s business roadmap for the year. One of the products they are launching is Epson’s Labelworks line of label printers.

Consider them the DYMO of the 21st century, but with much less stress on the wrist. No stress, in fact, unless you go label-crazy like me and my wife. Then, you’ll develop something very similar to BlackBerry Thumbs. Kidding. Slap in some batteries and the supplied cartridge of black-on-white label tape and you’re good to go.

Each media participant came away from the event with a Labelworks LW-400, the kawaii unmistakably Japanese-designed mid-range model. Here’s an unboxing video.

My wife was thrilled, of course, she who has a special place for everything, she who has to contend with my kalat, she who is a practitioner and fan of zakka. She’s already plotting what color tape she wants to get and what objects she wants to tag. I’ve a feeling we’ll burn through the bundled cartridge in just a couple of days.

Meanwhile, I’ve got a few rolls of film from FUSION to get developed. Gimme a few days.

Video shot and edited entirely with an iPhone 3GS. Scoring via YouTube.