I’d been putting off shooting with slide film and having the rolls cross-processed, mainly because slide film is both a) expensive, and b) hard to find, but I was able to score a couple of cheap expired Ektachromes from an online retailer so I ran out of excuses.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, cross-processing (aka XPRO) is a developing technique where the developing agent used for slide film and the developing agent used for negative film are swapped: the most popular being slide film getting processed in C41 instead of E6.* This typically results in photos with deeper color saturation and an off-kilter color balance, depending on the type of film and chemical used, of course.

Here are a few shots I took in Nasugbu, Batangas a few weeks ago.

Marketplace Chess Match


Sidewalk Shoe Doctor

Jowa before Jesus

Church Child

All shots were taken with a Yashica Electro, I don’t remember if it was the Electro GL or the Electro GS. I’m thinking the GL because I’m not seeing the light leaks that my GS gets.

I must say, I never thought I’d enjoy seeing an unnatural blue cast to my shots, but these are pleasant. Will explore slide film and XPRO further.

*There are other combinations in cross processing, as Wikipedia will tell you.


When work becomes dreary and you find yourself befuddled and bored behind your desk, it’s time to take a break. Late last year, my wife and I took time off from the daily grind to recharge our creative energies at the beach. The resort we picked was La Luz, located in San Juan, Batangas, on the southwest tip of Luzon. While the beach itself doesn’t come close to the powdery goodness in Palawan or Boracay, the resort is charming and inexpensive, provides cabana masseuses and offers a relaxing atmosphere that’s hard to beat.  

As with any trip, I came packing, with a Canon AE-1 and 350D, an LSI Actionsampler, a vintage Yashica Rookie, and a Holga CFN. Here are some of the shots from the Holga and Yashica.

Duo in Yellow

Duo in Yellow @Holga CFN


Dusky @Holga CFN

Vintage Beach @Yashica Rookie

Vintage Beach @Yashica Rookie

Curtains @Yashica Rookie

Curtains @Yashica Rookie

Recline @Yashica Rookie

Recline @Yashica Rookie