Mobile Phones

My toddler is the son of an artist and the great-grandson of a National Artist. Not yet three and he already likes playing with paints, chalk, crayons and markers on our bathroom walls, paper scraps and his easel.


Our toddler peruses part of the Sorry for the Inconvenience exhibit at The Collective.

This is not one of his works.



One of the perks of being a magazine editor is getting to meet famous people. Here’s a shot of Kurtwood Smith (Red Forman from That 70s Show!) and Omar Epps (House) during the promotional tour for their new show, Resurrection.

On a side note, I got Kurtwood Smith to call my wife a “dumbass” on digital video, hahaha! Here’s the link.


What I like about Asia is the abundance of interesting food and drink. This vendor gets a cup full of shaved ice and drizzles it with colored flavors, perfect for cooling down under the blazing Thailand sun.

Shot with an HTC Butterfly at the PlearnWan complex in Hua Hin, Thailand.