Dropped by the annual Photoworld at the Glorietta Activity Center today to pick up some supplies at promo price.  Bought two twin packs of Instax Mini at  5 percent off and a four-pack of original Eneloop Pros for just a thousand.


I was also able to get sample prints off the Instax Share printer.  It’s an old products but the first time for me to try it out.  I want one – best Instax prints ever. 




I’ve officially run out of Lomography Tungsten 64 film, having used my last roll during my trip to Caramoan, Camarines Sur a few weeks ago. Love the pink hue it produced whenever used under sunlight, such as in the shot above. Also love the deep green negatives they produced.

I’ll be posting the rest of the shots from the roll on the Travelomo Facebook page soon. For now, a simple question: Where can I get more?