Dropped by the annual Photoworld at the Glorietta Activity Center today to pick up some supplies at promo price.  Bought two twin packs of Instax Mini at  5 percent off and a four-pack of original Eneloop Pros for just a thousand.


I was also able to get sample prints off the Instax Share printer.  It’s an old products but the first time for me to try it out.  I want one – best Instax prints ever. 



The world can be an ugly place if you let it have its way, so I find it essential to expose myself to the good, the beautiful, the pretty, the cool. Tonight I paid a visit to interior decor/furniture store Heima to attend the opening of Southern Stories, a two-man photography exhibit by Charles Buenconsejo and Aleyn Comprendio. Wistful, nostalgic, subtle, their photos have a distinct childlike mood, which is I think what the artists were going for. Both sets were shot on film, which gives the photos their subdued quiet character.

My wife and I were happy we went. Since Diego was born, it’s been harder for us to join events like this since we don’t have a stay-in nanny. Tonight, we took him along, his first “hipster” shindig. He was, of course, too cool for school and slept through the entire thing.

"Grace" is our favorite piece.

This is Aleyn. Wasn't able to take Charles' photo.

Wall of Prettiness

Flippin' through records

My type of mood lamp

Tools of the trade

Show window

More photos may be found here.

If you aren’t doing anything tonight, why don’t you pop on down to the cinema lobby of the Trinoma Mall in Quezon City for LOMO AND BEHOLD!, part exhibit opening and part product launch (LOMOKINO! Hello Kitty Fisheye 1! Metal and Pattern La Sardinas!). This is a Team Manila / Lomographic Embassy Manila shindig, of course. So sorry I can’t go myself, but I am sure a lot of the local shooters will be there.

And with very limited LOMOKINO stock available, I expect the thing to be sold out by the end of the night.

Have loads of fun, guys!

Well, hello there.

After a series of hints and teasers, Lomography has finally unveiled their latest star performer, the LC-Wide, sending Lomo fans into epileptic shocks of lust.

I’m not sure who broke the news first, whether it was Gizmodo or Lomo UK, but Lomo’s US official launch event is still a few hours away, poor saps.

I won’t get into detail here, just follow the links above to get the skinny, but in short, the LC-Wide is a wide angle and multi aspect ratio (full frame, half frame, square frame) film camera that makes me rethink my camera budger for the year. Much as I don’t really buy this whole Lomography lifestyle hype (despite my blog’s name), I do feel that this is one product of theirs that I’d spend a premium on.

One reason why most folks have shifted to digital from film is the cost associated with shooting analog. Film is expensive, and so is developing, scanning and printing. And while digital has its own set of costs, the perception is that shooting in digital is much cheaper. In most cases that is true.

What then can we, film lovers, do to mitigate the costs of our hobby? An obvious solution is to learn to process film on our own. If you shoot enough rolls to justify a small investment, learning to develop film is the logical next step. It works out cheaper in the long run.

If you’re like me, you’re just itching to learn this skill. Here’s your chance.

Jay Javier of Fotofabrik and Rangefinder Filipinas fame is organizing a 2-day film developing workshop starting on October 30. The workshop will cover film developing theory and practice, chemistry and equipment. Both color and black & white film processing will be taught, as well as elementary scanning. Will there be hands-on? The answer is yes.

Tuition fee for this rare workshop is P3,000 per head, which already includes the chemicals you’ll need for processing. check out the poster for registration details.

Just something quick and non-camera-related.

It’s finally here! MUJI, my favorite no-brand brand has finally opened its first store in the Philippines, and just a ten-minute walk from my condo, no less! Now I don’t need to fly to Hong Kong to get my essential supplies: recycled paper notebooks, minimalist bookends, frill-free shoes and quirky Japanese snacks. I spotted a small bag I can use as a camera pouch, just need to line it with padding. Must go back for it before my trip to Beijing next week.

Here are scenes from the press launch, shot with my ever-present Kodak Playsport. Photos from my Olympus UC35 to follow next week.

Friday night at the Brasilipinas Street Party and I found myself testing the Olympus PEN W in low light conditions. With a Holga flash in hand, I used the same technique I use in light painting, aperture midway and speed on B. Press shutter, pop flash, depress shutter. This is the first time I’ve used that technique with film and I’m pretty pleased with the results, considering photographing fire dancers through a rowdy crowd isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do.

Again: Press > Pop > Depress

Get the timing right, and you’ll get your shot.

More photos on my Flickr.

Here’s a video for good measure.

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