Tired of digital photography? Consider Travelomo.com as a low-tech escape from the megapixels, image processors and file formats that come with digital shooting. As implied in the name, Travelomo.com features travel photography using Lomo cameras and other cameras that belong to this brave new genre of photography, including Holgas, Horizons, Smenas, vintage TLRs, Polaroids, plastic toy instamatics, pinhole cameras and the like. As its content builds up, Travelomo.com will also serve as a virtual tour of the world seen through the eyes of the enlightened hordes who practice this niche form of photography.

Travelomo.com will feature selected submissions from readers, online galleries, photography tips and techniques, and interestingly relevant websites. You’ll find Lomography events announced here, as well as shows, gallery openings, travel photography seminars and other interesting activities. From time to time, we’ll have exciting contests for our readers.

Collaboration is the key to make Travelomo.com a success. This won’t just be MY site. Consider this a worldwide community of like-minded individuals. Do make yourselves at home. Invite your friends, too.

For photo submissions, send them to karlo at travelomo dot com. Please do give a short background to your submitted shots, including the camera and film information if possible. You can use the same email address to suggest links, galleries, photographers to feature, leave feedback or just plain drop me a line.

Before I forget, Travelomo.com was created and is edited by Karlo N.B. Samson – that’s ME. I’m a tech magazine editor by trade and a travel writer/photographer whenever I can escape the day job. My work has been published in numerous magazines, including Men’s Health, T3, FHM, Preview, PILMAP Travel and Leisure, Asian Traveler, PHOTOVIDEOi, HWM, Manual, and more. I maintain several other blogs and occasionally write scripts for TV. If you need to get in touch with me, again, you may drop me a message at karlo at travelomo dot com.

That’s it for now, whew.


Have Plastic, Will Travel


12 Responses to “About Travelomo.com”

  1. Jab Buhay Says:

    Hail the purists! Long live film!

  2. popazrael Says:

    great photo blog!!!!!


  3. hebigats your site man! Galing!

    1. travelomo Says:

      Hey, JonCon!
      Thanks! What’s up with ya?

  4. Dante Mom Says:

    Don’t know how I stumbled upon your blog–but way cool! I’m here in SF, and aside from reading blogs from all over, there’s no other Lomo groups out here (that I know of). I just got a Holga not too long ago…and each roll is getting better. 🙂 Love your shots!

    1. travelomo Says:

      thanks Dante Mom. i was in SF just a month ago. too bad you didn’t drop me a line then. we could have met up. love the holga but unfortunately mine’s on the fritz right now. got any of your shots online? i’ll gladly link to you.

      1. Dante Mom Says:

        I’m getting my blog together. In between being “Dante Mom,” I hope to get some of my Holga shots online. Once I have it, link to me, okay? Thanks!

      2. travelomo Says:

        Hehe will do. You may want to join Holgapalooza if you’ve got the time: http://toycamera.com/

  5. Dante Mom Says:

    Hey Travelomo, how come you don’t have any posts on fisheye cameras? any suggestions? i’ve been thinking of getting one since the fisheye lens attachment on my holga doesn’t really seem to produce the fisheye effect…

    1. travelomo Says:

      Hey there Dante Mom, yep I do have fisheye posts featuring shots from my Superheadz Demekin 110 format camera. I love that camera, though 110 film is difficult to source. If you do have a source for film and a developing place, it’s a fun little camera to keep in your pocket.

  6. Roy Says:

    Hi I’m Roy from Singapore just into lomography. Nice photo blog!

    1. travelomo Says:

      Thanks Cycling Geek Roy. You a roadie or a trail rider?

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