The world can be an ugly place if you let it have its way, so I find it essential to expose myself to the good, the beautiful, the pretty, the cool. Tonight I paid a visit to interior decor/furniture store Heima to attend the opening of Southern Stories, a two-man photography exhibit by Charles Buenconsejo and Aleyn Comprendio. Wistful, nostalgic, subtle, their photos have a distinct childlike mood, which is I think what the artists were going for. Both sets were shot on film, which gives the photos their subdued quiet character.

My wife and I were happy we went. Since Diego was born, it’s been harder for us to join events like this since we don’t have a stay-in nanny. Tonight, we took him along, his first “hipster” shindig. He was, of course, too cool for school and slept through the entire thing.

"Grace" is our favorite piece.

This is Aleyn. Wasn't able to take Charles' photo.

Wall of Prettiness

Flippin' through records

My type of mood lamp

Tools of the trade

Show window

More photos may be found here.