The Gang of Five

After limited success in finding interesting photos from random rolls of exposed yet undeveloped film I find in rummage sales and thrift shops, today, I hit paydirt, the motherlode, the big kahuna. Out of five rolls I recently found and had developed, four rolls have come back with full sets of photographs. The first roll out was an APS-format Fuji Nexia. I was lucky enough to find that my local lab still developed APS and could scan the negs, to boot.

Here are the results:

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Now, don’t you think it would be great if we managed to find any of these folks and show them these time-travel photos? If you have friends in Japan, feel free to send them this article in the hopes that a friend of a friend of a friend starts making connections.

Meanwhile, I’ll be scanning the rest of the photos then posting them asap. Two rolls Fuji color 800 and a Neopan 400.