I’d been putting off shooting with slide film and having the rolls cross-processed, mainly because slide film is both a) expensive, and b) hard to find, but I was able to score a couple of cheap expired Ektachromes from an online retailer so I ran out of excuses.

For those who aren’t familiar with it, cross-processing (aka XPRO) is a developing technique where the developing agent used for slide film and the developing agent used for negative film are swapped: the most popular being slide film getting processed in C41 instead of E6.* This typically results in photos with deeper color saturation and an off-kilter color balance, depending on the type of film and chemical used, of course.

Here are a few shots I took in Nasugbu, Batangas a few weeks ago.

Marketplace Chess Match


Sidewalk Shoe Doctor

Jowa before Jesus

Church Child

All shots were taken with a Yashica Electro, I don’t remember if it was the Electro GL or the Electro GS. I’m thinking the GL because I’m not seeing the light leaks that my GS gets.

I must say, I never thought I’d enjoy seeing an unnatural blue cast to my shots, but these are pleasant. Will explore slide film and XPRO further.

*There are other combinations in cross processing, as Wikipedia will tell you.