Give it up for the Olympus XA

Today I say goodbye to my Olympus XA, which, at this moment, is winging its way to its new owner. I rather liked that camera, the smallest rangefinder I’ve come across. Like the Olympus PENs and OMs, the XA (and its siblings the XA1, 2, 3 and 4) was designed by legendary camera designer Yoshihisa Maitani. It was an iconic design in both aesthetic and technological terms that would make it one of the most sought-after film compacts even to this day. While it may have had its share of wear (from a previous owner), the XA was an impressive performer, and gave me some really good shots.

If I liked it so much, why did I sell it? To keep my inventory low, for one. I just have too many cameras lying around and too little time to make my way through each one. Also, the XA was designed for someone with finesse in their fingers. My hands are big clumsy things hah. Perhaps if I find one in mint condition, I can get another one for my collection. But only when I have more shelf space.

For now I think I shall stick to my PENs. At least with those compacts I’m not all thumbs.

Olympus XA gets downright moody