Lomography's Candy-Colored Cameras

Following the launch of the four-edition La Sardina wide angle tin can cameras, the Lomographic Society has just released its Sprocket Rocket Superpop editions. Available in lemon yellow, cornflower blue, day-glo orange and gang green, the Superpops join the basic black and the special edition white Sprocket Rockets.

While I prefer my cameras not to scream “Steal me!” or “I’m a fuckin’ hipster,” I can understand the appeal, as these are marketed to younger kids who want to try their hand at experimenting with film. The Sprocket Rocket, as you might know, is a wide angle 35mm film camera which is designed for multiple exposure, its two spools capable of forward or reverse winding. As the name implies, it exposes the entire area of your frame, including the sprocket holes.

It is also known as the Bane of One-Hour Photo Labs Everywhere.