June 2011

Hurray for squiddy goodness!


Just about an hour ago, Lomography launched their new La Sardina camera, a 22mm wide angle 35mm shooter that comes in four editions: the El Capitan, Fischer’s Fritze, Sea Pride and Marathon, each one designed to look like a can of sardines. The first two come with the Fritz the Blitz flash, which will probably be sold separately.

El Capitan with flash

Fischer's Fritze with flash

Sea Pride


Both front and back of the camera enjoy the clever design themes. Best skin for me is Marathon because I like eating squid (grilled, not canned) and because House Greyjoy don’t frakkin sow.

Funny, though, that despite their fishy motif, none of these have fisheye lenses, just an ultrawide 22. Probably because LSI already has two fisheye cameras in their catalog. This slots in as a direct competitor of the SuperHeadz Wide & Slim, points out my colleague Ed. Good call. Neither is the La Sardina (the THE sardine) waterproof. Given the leaky failure that was the Frogeye, guess LSI doesn’t want to repeat its mistakes.

With multiple exposure (MX) capability, bulb mode and a scale focus with even fewer distance markers, plus the quaint designs, this camera will likely attract some folks who want something new and interesting, despite the steep US$64 and US$101 (for the flash edition) pricetags.

Below are the specs, pulled from the Lomography website, which is suffering massive lag times, probably due to folks like me checking out this new release.

La Sardina Features

  • Mind-blowing Wide-Angle Lens
  • Rewind Dial and MX switch that make multiple exposures easier than ever before!
  • Fritz the Blitz Flash attachment
  • Film cartridge window on the rear of camera – to see what film you’re shooting
  • Easy-to-use focusing with two simple settings
  • Bulb setting for night-time and long-exposure experimentation
  • Screw-in Cable Release Option
  • Incredible collection of unique La Sardina editions – a design for every mood and occasion

La Sardina Technical Specs

  • Film Type: Standard 35mm (135)
  • Exposure Area: 36mm x 24mm
  • Lens Focal Length: 22mm
  • Aperture: Fixed f/8
  • Angle of view: 89 degrees
  • Shutter Speed: Bulb (B), 1/100 (N)
  • Closest Focusing Distance: 0.6m
  • Focusing Steps: Two Step Focusing — 0.6m-1m, 1m-Infinity
  • View Finder: Inverse Galileo-Type Built-in Viewfinder
  • Film Counting: Auto Film Counting
  • Film Stopping: Yes
  • Multiple Exposures: Yes
  • Cable Release Connection: Yes
  • Tripod Mount: 1/4″ Tripod Screw
  • Shutter Release Lock: Shutter Locks After Lens Collapsed
  • Flash Contact: Unique La Sardina Micro Contact (for Fritz the Blitz flash only)

Remember my Konica C35 EF from a few posts back? I had the camera cleaned and its flash capacitor replaced last week and am quite satisfied with the results. Seems this old boy still has some legs. Here are a few test shots, but one of these days I’ll get around to using it for a project. One of these days, yeah right.

Friendly Neighborhood Gulag

Friendly Neighborhood Gulag

Friendly Neighborhood Gulag