May 2011

Tis the season for testing new old cameras here at Travelomo. On my desk right now are three Polaroid 600 cameras: a Polaroid Spirit, a 636 Closeup and a 637.

Sample Shots

Here are the sample shots from the two Polas plus the 635 I tested a couple of weeks ago. Tomorrow, when the light is better, I’ll test the Spirit, which has no built-in flash.  I used Impossible Project Black Frame PX 600 Silver Shade film, swapping the same cartridge between cameras. I’ll post a how-to on that in the near future.



Well, hello there.

After a series of hints and teasers, Lomography has finally unveiled their latest star performer, the LC-Wide, sending Lomo fans into epileptic shocks of lust.

I’m not sure who broke the news first, whether it was Gizmodo or Lomo UK, but Lomo’s US official launch event is still a few hours away, poor saps.

I won’t get into detail here, just follow the links above to get the skinny, but in short, the LC-Wide is a wide angle and multi aspect ratio (full frame, half frame, square frame) film camera that makes me rethink my camera budger for the year. Much as I don’t really buy this whole Lomography lifestyle hype (despite my blog’s name), I do feel that this is one product of theirs that I’d spend a premium on.

This is too good not to share.

A pack of Impossible Project PX600 Silver Shade UV+ instant film.

By the way, in case you’ve been wondering why I haven’t been updating as promised, I’ve been busy on other things, namely:

  • the day job
  • a new magazine project
  • yet another new magazine project
  • my new photography blog

Street Lamp from StereoManila

The new blog is called This is StereoManila, which you can access via the link or, if you’re so inclined, via, whatever floats your boat. This is where I’ll be placing all my 3D stereo photographs, which will mostly be shot in digital using the Loreo lens I bought a while back. If you’re into 3D photography and stereoviews, then do follow the blog via Tumblr.

The trouble with hobbies is, if they aren’t right for you in the first place, they get boring.

A friend of mine has quickly grown tired of his Lomography cameras and, knowing I have my own network of film-fanatics, has passed them on to me to sell for him. If I had the cash, I’d keep them, but my son’s birth looms large and I have to concentrate on buying baby stuff.

Up first is a Colorsplash camera. This cute little number has a colorsplash flash built in, for crazy color effects. It comes with a strap and two cases, but one case seems to have a snap about to break – nothing a little sewing can’t fix, plus the manuals and pamphlets.

Crazy lighting effects with the Colorsplash Camera.

Next is a Lomography Actionsampler Flash. Like the Actionsampler, this camera shoots four quarter-frames in sequence. Big difference is it also has a four bulb sequential flash, for really crisp action sequences (hence the name). Comes with manuals and pamphlets as well. Slight scratching on a rear panel.

In shiny gunmetal chrome.

Third is one of mine, just languishing on my shelf (how many cameras do I have now? a lot!). One of my thrift shop finds. The meter still works but the flash won’t fire. Selling this cheap.

Konica C35 EF: Old School Instamatic

That’s three for now. Drop me a PM if you’re interested. Remember, this is only for Philippine residents to keep logistics simple.