Aside from stereo cards and stereo pairs in books, Brian May’s OWL stereoscope may also be used to view the growing number of 3D videos popping up on YouTube. Watching Wile E. Coyote getting the crap beat out of him by cruel karmic fate is hella fun when it feels like you’re in the video.

For those who don’t have a stereoscope, YouTube provides other 3D viewing options: red-cyan, green-magenta or blue-yellow glasses, interleaved rows, columns or checkerboard, monitor, or (of which I am biased for) stereo pair. No compatibility for the polarized glasses you’ve swiped from the cinema.

I’ve been watching these videos on the YouTube app for iPad, which presents the videos at a more-or-less correct fit for the OWL. Going full-screen is not an option. Now while side-by-side stereo pair viewing does reduce the aspect ratio from widescreen to something close to 4:3, it maintains the true color of the video. When you’re watching a Looney Tunes clip, true color makes all the difference.

If you’re interested in ordering a stereo viewer, you can order an OWL from the London Stereoscopic Company. Alternatively, you could either learn to freeview stereo pairs or construct your own viewer, here and here.

Watching 3D videos with the OWL Stereoscope