So last Sunday I took a walk around the Tahanan Village park to test the Loreo 3D lens. It was a pleasant late afternoon, a bit of a nip in the air with the sun already low in the sky.

The usual groups of parkgoers were there, the Korean football players, the ultimate frisbee fanatics, the dog walkers and the au pairs with their wards, lots of different folks, doing the many different things you can do in a park.

Here are a few shots in both anaglyph and stereo pair formats. To view the anaglyphs in 3D, you will, of course, need red-cyan 3D glasses. For the stereo pairs, you will need a special viewer, or, you can try to free-view them, a la Magic Eye posters.


Handstand Anaglyph

Headstand / Handstand

Headstand / Handstand Anaglyph

The Notorious B-Boyz

The Notorious B-Boyz Anaglyph


Goaltender Anaglyph

Jump Shot

Jump Shot Anaglyph


Canopy Anaglyph


Seesaw Anaglyph


By the way, it seems only a few months ago when I started this blog, but this marks the 100th post here on Time flies much too fast when you’re having fun.

More to come. I promise.