Among the cameras I brought to Beijing was a Nishika N9000, one of two 3D lenticular toy cameras I currently own. For the most part, the Nishika stayed in the hotel room as I opted to take only two cameras (out of five) at a time during our daily forays, and I had a hard time giving up my Oly rangefinder and PEN S. For our trip up the Great Wallof China, however, the Nishika was a definite must.

Like the Nishika N8000, the N9000 takes four half frame photographs simultaneously. You can take those frames and  process them in Photoshop and Stereophotomaker to produce 3D photos, either anaglyph or stereo pair. I managed to find time today in the middle of my workday to process a couple. It took me a while because I haven’t done this in so long, I kind of forgot my workflow. For shame.

Anyway, here’s a couple of shots in both anaglyph and stereo pair. I’ll add more as I process them.  Still have several rolls of film to go through, so expect a few more chapters from this Beijing trip.