As promised, here is the second of my sample videos using Jelly Lens filters with a Kodak Playsport, this time with the delightful “Starburst” filter.

There’s a sweet spot near the center of the filter (but not dead on) where the image is clear. Radiating from it are etched rays, which gives this filter its distinct effect. I call it my “dream sequence” filter. My colleague calls it the “stalker” lens.

Apologies to Jason (the bald dude at the end) for including him here, but not really. Your thumbs-up was too good to pass up, even though it was shot in poor light.

To edit these videos, I use Picasa , which doesn’t natively process .mov files in its movie editor mode. I have to do a bit of file conversion using FormatFactory, from .mov to .wmv. Crossing my fingers this thing dosn’t have spyware, heh.