During my lunch break the other day, I made a dash to a nearby department store to purchase something I knew would add a cool dimension to my already cool Kodak Playsport.

Near the Ladies’ Lingerie section, at the bottom of a rack displaying bangles and bracelets was a row of Jelly Lens phone camera filters. These are el cheapo plastic filters from China designed to attach to the lens of most phone cams via a non-permanent adhesive jelly ring (hence the name). I’d spotted them a month ago while shopping there with my wife.

At about 2 US dollars a pop, these are criminally inexpensive upgrades to mobile imaging devices such as the Kodak Playsport and most likely the Flip cameras, which have small fixed lenses, like phone cams. There’s about a dozen in the series, and you can find them at http://www.jelly-lens.com.

I immediately bought five of the most useful ones: closeup, vignette, soft, starburst and “polorizer.” Ripped them outta the packaging and immediately started trying them out while walking out of the mall.

Best damn upgrade you can get for ten bucks.

Here’s a sample using the closeup lens and shot in 720p.  I’ll post more in the next few days.

BONUS: Here’s a clip I found of the Playsport’s water resistance being put to the test.