Whoa! Fresh, Fresher, Freshershest news from the folks over at the Lomographic Society International.

They’ve just announced the Lomography Spinner 360° , a crazy 35mm cam that spins on its axis to produce – you guessed it – 360° panoramic shots. How awesome is that? Check out how nuttily fun it looks:

To shoot, hold the handle steady and pull the ripcord. This spins the camera on its vertical axis, allowing it to capture a continuous 360° image of your environment. The results? Look and click to embiggen:

This being an LSI product, it comes bundled with extras in a premium package that will set you back – gasp – € 125.00! Pricey for a toy camera, but not wholly unexpected. Still, I imagine droves of toy camera enthusiasts going for it, myself included (If I can convince my wife to let me). No telling how much this’ll cost locally, but you can buy one online now here.  For more info, samples and techniques, check out the Lomography Spinner 360° microsite.