After five weeks in the United States of America, traveling from West Coast to Midwest to East Coast and back to California, enjoying the cold spring weather, I am finally back in sunny, sweltering, seething Manila. We did the whole John Candy – Steve Martin bit, riding Planes, Trains and Automobiles plus a few bus rides thrown in for effect. While I wasn’t able to find and purchase that Stereo Realist camera I’d been pining for (and still do), I was able to pick up three new toys for my camera bag.

Nishika N8000 and N9000

Both cameras are 4-lens lenticular 3D cameras from the Eighties. The N9000 is the newer model. It’s more compact and only has two aperture settings, cloudy and sunny. As far as I can tell it doesn’t really provide any metering and is more the toy of the two. The N8000 has a heftier bulkier build, comes with an additional flash aperture setting, and has a built-in albeit primitive exposure alert. Yes, this is my second N8000, but the first one I had I received in pretty bad shape. Time for that one to retire after a year of faithful service (having shot Lady Gaga, Charley Boorman, Marie Digby and a bunch of local celebs).

Kodak Playsport

The third toy I picked up is the recently-released Kodak Playsport, a compact HD video camera with 5MP still photo capability. It’s Kodak’s answer to the Flip MINO HD, but uses SD cards instead of built-in storage. It can shoot in WVGA, 720p (30/60fps) and 1080p. While the video won’t ever compare with even the lowest-end Sony HD Handycam, it’s still a very useful tool to have when you want to capture more than just still shots. What’s more, it’s waterproof up to 3 meters. I liked this so much I bought three more of these haha! One for my dad, and two bought for friends. At only USD150 (and cheaper if you buy through Amazon), these things are a steal. Just remember to buy extra batteries because the included batteries are shit.

It’ll be a while before I manage to sort out the 36 or 38 rolls of 110 and 135 film I shot during the trip and over 35GB worth of digital photos, so, in the meantime, here’s something I shot using the Playsport.