So next week I’ll be flying to the United States for a five week romp around the country with my wife and her family. It will be a welcome escape from work and a chance to catch up with my travel photography (sorry, blog!). We’ll be traveling East to West and back again, lots of ground to cover and plenty of sights to shoot.

I’ve decided to pack light and bring only a few essential cameras over from Manila: my 110 Demekin and Ikimono and an old DSLR. I’m also having a Superheadz Golden Half delivered to my address in San Jose or perhaps the new Holga TIM, care of Nic Nichols of the excellent Fourcornersdark site. But what I’m really excited about is the vintage Stereo Realist I bid on in Ebay.

I’ve wanted a Stereo Realist for years, and this US trip seemed the perfect opportunity to acquire one minus overseas shipping worries. It’s a stereo camera, meaning it shoots two photos simultaneously through its twin lenses. The result is a stereo pair which, with some coaxing, makes for a cool 3D photograph. Consider it a more serious version of my Nishika N8000. Silly me though, I bid on two auctions and might actually win both.

On Monday I’ll be heading off to the Oh Shoot store to pick up enough 110 cartridges to last the trip. I hope Jill still has some in stock.