The Ruins

"The Ruins" is an old mansion owned by the Lacsons of Negros Occidental that was razed by USAFFE and guerrilla forces during the second world war to prevent the Japanese from using it as a headquarters.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I flew to Silay City in the province of Negros Occidental in the Western Visayas region of the Philippines. I had managed to book cheap seats and we thought it would be a good chance to visit our godmother, take in the sights and, uhm, binge on the excellent local cuisine.

Now, Silay is known as the “Paris of Negros,” a seat of Visayan culture and art, and has been declared a “museum city.” It has many well-preserved heritage mansions, which used to be where the sugar barons of the island lived, as well as old churches and buildings you can visit.

Along for the trip was my Superheadz Demekin which, sadly, had only a few shots left. The tough thing about 110 film is that it isn’t readily available from your corner photo store anymore. Despite Silay having its feet firmly anchored in old world charm, that didn’t extend to photography supplies.

Here then are the few shots I have on 110, shot in Silay and the adjacent city of Talisay. Next time I visit, I’ll make sure I put in my order for film way in advance.

Silay Church

My bad. I forgot to take down the name of this church.

As my wife often says, my memory is crap. Again, I forgot what this place is called. I took a photo of the sign, but I haven't yet downloaded it to this notebook. The place is wonderfully maintained, though, and is worth the visit, just to see how the sugar barons of the past lived.

The Ruins is currently in a state of meticulously-manicured, restored ruin, a venue for special events or an evening dinner at its cafe.

The place is located in Talisay City, not far from the Pepsi Cola plant. It's just about fifteen minutes' drive from Silay City.