November 2009

I tried to do several low light time lapse sequences tonight but had focusing problems. This is the only one I am happy with.

If you go up this road, you will hit McKinley Hill, one of the swanky residential/commercial developments near our condo. Further up (this leads west), you’ll reach several Philippine Army buildings. This is Fort Bonifacio after all.

When I have an opportunity, I will revisit what I tried to shoot tonight but failed to capture.


I had meant to either hit the mountain bike trail or go boxing this afternoon, but the weekend call for lazy lounging about got the better of me.  Instead of getting physical, I chose instead to flex my photography muscles by setting up this shoot.

Taken from inside our condo, this is about an hour and a half worth of time lapse photos edited as a vertical video. The camera was behind the safety glass, hence the reflections and flare. One of these days, I’ll shoot this from the roof for a really clear view.

Gear used: Canon 350D, Phottix Intervalometer and a Sigma 70-300 f/4.0. Oh, and an el cheapo tripod.

Camera Creative

I was browsing the photography section at a local bookstore this afternoon when I stumbled upon a freshly stocked book titled Camera Creative. Written by Chris Gatcum, a former editor at What Digital Camera?, the book is a compilation of all the quaint tricks and techniques I’ve been dabbling in for the past few years – false tilt shift photography, light painting, lomography, plastic lenses, digital cross processing and then some.

Over four chapters, Gatcum describes 52 techniques/projects covering creative shooting, lens and accessory tricks, DIY lighting gear and the dark arts of digital post processing. Included are features on toy cameras and Holga hacks as well as el cheapo stereo photography, yay!

In the eight hours that I’ve owned this book I’ve only been able to read a few pages, but from what I’ve seen so far, Camera Creative is a great jump-off point for folks who like going against the grain. This isn’t a book for everyone, but the stuff in here will most definitely add a new unexpected dimension to your photography, if you apply the lessons well.  There’s a lot of cool things to try out.

As for me, I can’t wait to have a go at TTV photography. TTV stands for Through The Viewfinder, where you mate your digital camera to a TLR and shoot the image that appears on the TLR’s viewfinder. Such a cool hack, methinks. Will definitely post results once I build my “contraption” (it seems this is what the TTV community calls the DIY interface) and shoot. Meanwhile, here’s a TTV flickr group to keep you occupied.

If you’ve got a bookstore near you, give it a look. Otherwise, there’s always

Our friends know this: my wife and I love Halloween. It’s one of the few times in the year when we can go crazy designing our costumes and makeup, go out as ghoulish as we want without being tossed in the clink for disturbing the peace. For the last few years, we’ve been going as zombies, including this year, when we went as a matching pair of maneki neko zombie cats.

We partied the night with our friends at the Terno Inferno Halloween party in Mag:net Cafe at Bonifacio High Street. Here are some photos.

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