Several things.

First, market forces have expedited the unfortunate yet wholly expected closure of the magazine I work for. However, despite turbulent times in the publishing world, it always seems to have room for qualified talent.  I’ve taken up a new editorial position at another magazine under a different publishing house. While the office isn’t as swanky as the last one I worked at, the pay is better and is located closer to my condo.

That said, second, apologies again for not updating this blog as often as I should. I’m still adjusting to my new role and have lots of things on my plate, things that pay the bills.

Third, speaking of paying the bills, my first paycheck came in the other day and, to reward myself, I bought an intervalometer.

Phottix Intervalometer

Phottix TR90 Intervalometer

In a nutshell, it’s a programmable remote control that lets you do time lapse photography and long exposures. I’ve been meaning to get this for quite some time now, primarily for my light photography, but the time lapse bug has sunk its teeth deep into my neck and won’t let go.

Last, I concede defeat. I had meant this blog to be dedicated to film photography, but I need to be practical. Film photography as a hobby is expensive, time-consuming, and it takes too damn long to get my photos back from the developers. I use my digital camera more than I use my beloved TLR or 110s anyway.

So there. Change is good, in career as in content.