Rice Racers

Responding to ROCK ED‘s emergency call for volunteers, my wife and I, along with some friends and family, lent our Wednesday night to a bit of civic work, repacking relief goods to be distributed to victims  of last month’s terrible floods and landslides here in the Philippines.

While we were busy bagging rice and instant noodles, pork & beans and meat loaf, my camera was tasked to take time lapse photos of the frenetic action. That’s the great thing about the remote intervalometer: you couple it to the camera, set the shoot parameters, point the camera at your subject, then press START.

Here, then, are the results. Proof positive that, despite all the negative criticism that the Department of Social Welfare and Development is getting from bloggers, they aren’t all bad civil servants. Just woefully undermanned and ill-equipped.

The trick, then, is not to hurl stones at the government but rather see what we can do to help out. If you’ve got the time to blog, you’ve got the time to volunteer. What are you waiting for?