Aquino Funeral Cortege Stereo Pair

I promised some of my readers that I’d post a 3D shot of the Aquino funeral cortege minus the epilepsy-inducing animation. So, I’ve prepared two versions of my favorite shot. The first (above this paragraph) is a stereo pair, which you can view using the cross-eyed technique or, if you print it out, with a stereo pair viewer. The second is a red-cyan anaglyph which you can view in 3D if you wear them funky 3D glasses.

Aquino Funeral Cortege Anaglyph

I actually prefer these two methods of rendering 2D photos into 3D over my sleight-of-eye animated shots. Using the proper gear or technique, your brain actually sees the image in stereo, just like you’d see in real life (if you have the use of both your eyes, that is).