June 2009



We knew this day would come. Kodak has formally announced that it will discontinue the sales of Kodachrome color film this year. Its last batch, #2672, rolled off a limited production line in July 2008, with an expiry date of 2009.

In 1935, Kodachrome became the first commercially successful film, making it, at 74 years old, the longest-running brand of color film. Kodachrome was used in such iconic shots as Steve McCurry’s “Afghan Girl.”

Here’s a link to the official statement from Kodak.

Here’s a tribute to this photography legend.

Image from WIRED.com

Image from WIRED.com

Our beloved LOMO turns 25 this Friday, June 19. A quarter century ago, the first batch of LOMO LC-A cameras rolled off the St. Petersburg-Leningrad Optical Mechanical Organization factory and began shipping, making their way, eventually, to people like you and me.

WIRED magazine has a great story on the Cheap Camera That Could, including a brief chronological history of the global phenomenon as well as LOMO images that serve to inspire. Certainly worth a read.

Here’s the link: http://www.wired.com/rawfile/2009/06/gallery-lomo/

Happy birthday, LOMO!


For those of us who shoot film without the help of a built-in light meter (that’s all us Lomo/Holga/TLR folks), here’s a downloadable papercraft light meter based on the Sunny 16 Rule. It’s like a slide rule for setting exposures, and should help us all getting our aperture/speed settings right.

Here’s the link:expomat.tripod.com