kick ©Jena Ardell
 Originally uploaded by jena ardell

I found “Dreamer and Schemer” Jena Ardell’s flickr Oktomat set through twitter, yet another great find using this social networking tool.

Gotta love the movement captured in this photo, Kick, which just proves that even a toy camera, in the right hands, can produce something eye-catching and dynamic. There are several more in the set, but this is my favorite. This and Chipwich, which makes me crave for an ice cream sandwich. 

I don’t have an Oktomat yet and I don’t have any plans of purchasing one soon (a Blackbird Fly being my next priority), so I shall just enjoy the octet pleasures of the Oktomat vicariously through Jena’s photos.

You can find Jena’s photostream here, and her cool vintage photography site at On twitter, she’s @jenaardell.