Dropped by the annual Photoworld at the Glorietta Activity Center today to pick up some supplies at promo price.  Bought two twin packs of Instax Mini at  5 percent off and a four-pack of original Eneloop Pros for just a thousand.


I was also able to get sample prints off the Instax Share printer.  It’s an old products but the first time for me to try it out.  I want one – best Instax prints ever. 



Here are four of the five test shots I’ve done so far using the Lomo’Instant,  and it looks like it’ll take a few Instax packs before I get used to how the camera behaves.  I’m only really happy with the shot on the upper right,  shot in Automatic mode with a color gel. The MX shot is way overexposed and a mess,  the one in the lower right overexposed as well.  The cat shot used the close-up lens attachment – it’s okay but not as sharp as I’d want.

The one test shot I threw away was an MX of my cat,  using no flash for the first exposure and a single pop for the second at -2 EV. Far too dark.

More to come as I continue this test drive.


My last camera purchase for 2014 was Fujifilm’s Instax Mini 8, bought new for half the retail price because,  I suspect,  it came in a shade of pink only JPop stars can pull off –  even Sanrio fans might balk at buying this color camera.  A handy shooter,  no doubt,  but doesn’t quite go with my beer gut or personal aesthetic.

It is fitting that I start the year with another instant camera,  the Lomo’Instant in immaculate white.  Like the Fuji,  this uses Instax film,  but is far more versatile than the Mini 8. With exposure compensation,  multiple exposure,  bulb,  color gels and four creative modes,  the Lomo’Instant can certainly give the Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic a run for its money.

I’ll be testing this camera out for the next few days and I hope to do a proper unboxing video. I will have to put everything back in the box though,  hah hah,  and do it all over for the video.  Couldn’t resist taking it out as soon as I got it. 

Be back in a few.


Just a quick post from the boondocks.

Day One of the 5th Epson Fusion media adventure brings us to Tumalog Falls in Oslob. Cebu, without a doubt the most awe-inspiring cascade I’ve seen in the Philippines.




Videos on my Instagram.

Tomorrow, we go canyoning down the Matutinao River. Updates soon.

What do you think? Seems weird but might have some interestingĀ applications. Let’s hope OTTO gets funded and we see a commercial unit. You can find details on the OTTO Kickstarter page.

My toddler is the son of an artist and the great-grandson of a National Artist. Not yet three and he already likes playing with paints, chalk, crayons and markers on our bathroom walls, paper scraps and his easel.


Our toddler peruses part of the Sorry for the Inconvenience exhibit at The Collective.

This is not one of his works.


I’ve officially run out of Lomography Tungsten 64 film, having used my last rollĀ during my trip to Caramoan, Camarines Sur a few weeks ago. Love the pink hue it produced whenever used under sunlight, such as in the shot above. Also love the deep green negatives they produced.

I’ll be posting the rest of the shots from the roll on the Travelomo Facebook page soon. For now, a simple question: Where can I get more?




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